Center for Wellness is an advanced authority with Statutes, that provides skills in spa sciences. The works of Malini Chaudhri are well celebrated in Research portals, digital library and seminars.
Courses are backed by social learning and personalized library study aids.They support global careers. Sports massage, Shiatsu. Laser physio, are some important full range courses.
The Eliademy certificate is issued along with Center for wellness logo and ISTE license, to successful candidates, for integration with Linkedin profile.
Courses have books available on Amazon and learners may enroll to have their tasks evaluated for skills and knowledge development.
Guided passages for practise and assessment with external verifiers or fellow students is an essential part of the management of this course, and its external verification from ISTE.
Students with difficulty can appeal through listed grievance forms, and locate in comfortable personalized support.

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The author manages integration and updates of recent progressions of the Internet on courses. The authors profile on Amazon Central, shows extracts of books, and important updates in her Goodreads blog.